Shipping Info

We completely understand that the shipping costs are expensive and potentially a deterrent in ordering.  We would much prefer to be at our yearly Christmas shows across the country, but they have been cancelled so it has been taken out of our hands.

Our products are frozen and absolutely must arrive in a few days or the products will spoil and the shipments are originating in Brandon, MB.  All couriers have a base rate by weight and location so sometimes ordering a little more doesn’t actually change the cost of shipping that much so you may be able to get more for you money.  Couriers have also raised their rates and removed their guarantees delivery times so we have to choose the fastest options and the rates listed are what we pay right from Canada Post so as you can see if we offered cheaper or free shipping we would be operating at a loss during a very difficult time for small businesses. 

All that being said; if you have friends and family that may want to stock up as our products last for several years in the freezer, we do offer free shipping for orders over $125 which we would of course be shipping in the same quick manor.  Orders of this size ship across Canada at over $50 in shipping costs that we would be absorbing as a thank you to our loyal customers.

We sincerely hope that if you choose not to order this year that you have a wonderful holiday season!