2024 Cranberry Creek Tour (cancelled)

Once a year our Cranberry Creek Family travels across Canada to join you at our seasonal shows. We are a Canadian Military Family and this often means that the needs of our family must be considered when choosing which shows we attend each year and it is not always possible to meet you at every one.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be attending any shows for the coming 2024 Fall/Winter Season. Our production has been stalled due to a lack of production facilities and several of our ingredients are unable to be procured in the quantities we need. As such, it does not look like this will be sorted out in time to produce our products for the upcoming season, so we will not have any products available online this year either. We are deeply upset by this turn of events, but it is beyond our control and we have to accept We look forward to returning to our regular schedule in the years to come.



2025 Schedule TBD